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Looking at life through a
rose colored cane...

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Frankie Ann as a little girl- she is wearing a black leotard and pink dance skit with pink shoes.

Frankie Ann Marcille is an author, educator, and advocate. At three months old, she was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia; a condition that resulted in legal blindness. Frankie Ann has spent her entire life adapting to her visual impairment, learning to never let it hold her back, and advocating for others to do the same.

She earned her BA in Theatre Arts from Western Connecticut State University and her Master’s degree and dual certification in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy/Orientation and Mobility from Hunter College. She is also certified as a DIR Floortime therapist; a creative method of therapeutic instruction for students with Autism and other neuro-developmental delays.

Over the past decade, Frankie Ann has traveled the country teaching and advocating for individuals of all ages with multiple disabilities. Most recently, Frankie Ann has been working as an online Teacher/Mentor for the Utah School for the Blind’s Expanded Core Curriculum Bridges to Community Readiness Pilot Program. She is also a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Orientation and Mobility Intern at VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired in NYC, helping clients throughout the five boroughs to see what's possible and live independently.


Frankie Ann is also an award winning, published author. Her two books, Yes: The Story of a Dreamer and Through the Magnifying Glass, (illustrated by Patrick Regan and published by Leaning Rock Press, LLC.) are now available! Visit the Author tab to learn more and the Bookstore to purchase your copy!

When she’s not advocating or teaching, Frankie Ann enjoys
going on adventures, spending a weekend at the beach with her family or an afternoon at her local coffee shop, hiking, dancing, reading and of course… writing! She is currently working as a script writer, voice actor, and puppeteer for the show Let's Write About- a fully accessible children's television program airing on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network with asynchronous short content available on YouTube and Instagram! You can learn more about the show under the Educator tab! Frankie Ann also runs her own advocacy/accessibility blog called “Blind Ambition”.


Art by Patrick Regan

Frankie Ann


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