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Frankie Ann has been working in accessible education, rehabilitative services, and advocacy since 2016. From Colorado to the Big Apple, she has devoted the last four years to developing a solid educational philosophy. Frankie Ann firmly believes in creating individualized lessons that use the student’s interests to create a dynamic and motivational learning environment. She believes in candid conversations to help support students as they navigate transition periods such as from high school to college or the workforce. Frankie Ann also specializes in arts education- using various elements of art (theatre, dance, music, visual) to teach self determination skills to students with multiple disabilities.

Frankie Ann is available for virtual and in-person educational presentations/lectures in the following areas:

Check out Frankie Ann's
Advocacy  and Discrimination  
presentation   for the Connecticut Association of Blind Students' annual Business Conference !

  • General Accessible Education Philosophy

  • Expanded Core Curriculum

    • Elementary School

    • High School

    • Transition Students

    • Professional Development

  • Arts Education for Students with Disabilities

Camp Abilities is an international, recreational adaptive sports camp for students who are blind and visually impaired. It was founded by Dr. Lauren Liberman in 1996 in Brockport, New York. Currently, there are twenty-nine Camp Abilities programs throughout the United States and the world!


Frankie Ann’s Camp Abilities journey began in 2010 when she worked as a student intern for Camp Abilities in her home state of Connecticut. The following year, she returned to camp CT as the Student Intern Program Supervisor and Counselor for the group of students with multiple disabilities. In 2012, Frankie Ann not only continued her position with camp CT, she also traveled to Anchorage, AK where she volunteered as a one-on-one counselor. Her Camp Abilities journey would then lead her to Ogden, Utah in 2015. Frankie Ann joined the staff of the first ever Camp Abilities Utah where she worked as Assistant to the Program Director and Group Leader. This past year, Frankkie Ann was thrilled to be a part of another first for the Camp Abilities program. Frankie Ann helped to create the program for the Utah School for the Blind’s first ever virtual Camp Abilities experience. She cannot wait to see where her Camp Abilities career will lead her next!


For more information on Camp Abilities, please visit or!

Camp Abilities

Frankie Ann


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