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Frankie Ann has always been a book-worm, adored reading, and can still be caught with a book or graphic novel in her bag -

just in case she has some free time!


Because of her enthusiasm for fictional worlds, Frankie Ann began to explore creating some of her own. At age five, she wrote her first creative story for her elementary’s school Young Author’s Program. Frankie Ann participated in this program every year throughout her elementary and middle school career, sometimes submitting multiple stories or poem collections for consideration. In seventh grade, for a Literature unit final project, Frankie Ann adapted the novel Johnny Tremaine by Esther Forbes into a one act play. The play was performed at her school the following year. Her favorite subject was always Literature and Language Arts. Throughout high school and into college, she continued to take Language Arts based electives such as Creative Writing and Play Writing.

The Story

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Her love of writing only continued to grow as she matured. Her phone is filled with over 1,000 notes- the late 2000s equivalent to scribbling on a napkin. These notes contain everything from basic story ideas/plots to full fledged poems and short stories. One such note was the basis for Frankie Ann’s first children’s book: “Yes”. This story originated as a poem based on Frankie Ann’s personal experiences growing up with a vision impairment. She then partnered with illustrator and lifelong friend, Patrick Regan, to transform this poem into a full children’s story and picture book. “Yes” was published by Leaning Rock Press, LLC in 2021 and is available for purchase!

YES  News:

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  Yes: The Story of a Dreamer

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Back To School Book Tour:

Animation by Patrick Regan

Frankie Ann (Author) and Patrick (Illustrator) are heading out this fall to share their story with students across the country!


Available for both virtual and in person visits on Fridays from September 2021 through June 2022, Frankie Ann and Patrick's one hour presentation includes a read-aloud of their book, discussion of their process, time for student questions, and activities for teachers to share with student's following the presentation!


But wait! There's more! Frankie Ann and Patrick will also be offering an educational discount to teachers or administrators that order books for their whole class or school! And they will be sure to sign them all too! For more information or to book your date, email


They can't wait to meet you!


Frankie Ann