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“Sometimes even the greatest detective needs to look through the magnifying glass…”


Julia is just your average middle schooler. She loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, and listening to music or podcasts - she especially loves listening to old school Sherlock Holmes radio shows on YouTube. But Julia doesn’t feel like one. Having a vision impairment sometimes makes her feel like she doesn’t fit in anywhere - she’s not totally bind, but she’s not sighted either. Her family and teachers for the blind encourage her to use adaptive devices like a white cane or assistive technology like a screen reader to help her, but Julia has no interest. She wants to be just like everyone else - specifically her older brother, John. Town hero, most popular guy in high school, mystery solving, John. 

When Cooperstown, New York is hit with another major mystery, everyone turns to John and his three best friends to solve the case. But as the mystery unfolds, they all realize that they are “looking” in all the wrong places. Will Julia rise to the challenge, accept the help she maybe needs, and use it to bring her brother and his friends through the magnifying glass?


Through the Magnifying Glass

By Frankie Ann Marcille, Illustrated by Patrick Regan

Published by Leaning Rock Press LLC.

Through the Magnifying Glass (Hardcover)


    Frankie Ann


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